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Change is in the Air

As a pilot, one of the things that is often emphasized to me is that the only constant in our airline industry is change.This motto also applies to my online store. When I first started Stone Field Shaving Co., I planned to carry just one type of shaving cream, our own brand- made by local artisans.  What I learned early on is that my customers wanted more products and so I began to add razors and brushes. So one of the first major changes was what we sold.  My online store grew from 3 products to the large offering I have today. ( I haven’t counted them)  Another major change is in our own products. North of Fifty began as a shaving...

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Finding The Perfect Razor

As you embark on the epic journey of wet shaving, you soon realize that you need your very first double edge (DE) safety razor. So where does one begin? Like shopping for a new car or television, there are many different makes and models. They come in a variety of styles and price range. You can spend a little or a lot. Even some of the most economic razors, deliver a great shave. Perhaps you found your grandfather's razor?  Some of the best shaves I've had are with vintage razors.  So ultimately, one might consider 3 things when buying their first DE safety razor: style, quality and of course price.   As with all things, some razors are good, some are...

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End of Year Reflection- The Best and Worst SOTD

Today is December 31st.  As we get ready to usher in the new year, it seems that I should reflect on the best and worst shave of the day (SOTD).  However, before I dive into that, I should truly reflect on how lucky I am to have a wonderful customer base such as yourself.  Even if you're not a customer, I truly appreciate your likes, your loves and your comments on social media.  So much of my success is owed to people like you.  From time to time, someone will take the time to write me with ideas or suggestions.  Many of the changes we made in late June and July to our website were based on customer feedback.  Like...

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