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I'm Ready for My Close Up!

Just a reminder- we have an awesome brush sale on right now.  We normally run these ONCE a year!  Just use code Brush2019 at checkout for an awesome discount.  Here's a link to our Brush Collection.  We've extended the sale till September 27th! Alright- when it comes to wet shaving and social media I must say, we have so many talented and creative people out there.  There are so many videos that can teach you a thing or two about wet shaving.  From lather making, to shaving, to even razor or brush repair- just about any video is out there for you to discover.  I wanted people to have a one stop shop for tutorial videos and so I created...

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What's Hot This Summer?

Summer is finally here and I can't believe how fast July has flown by.  I had a chance to visit out west and out east and it seems that many places are experiencing a heat wave.   With the change in seasons, often people will adjust their shaving routines.  This month I'm rocking a goatee- mainly because I'm lazy and on vacation.  However, there's something to be said about letting it grow for the season.  Beard oils work really well at moisturizing the skin underneath that forest.  If you're looking for a great beard oil- check out Oil Can Grooming.   Another trend in the scent department are lighter citrus scents.  Citrus notes are a fabulous way to celebrate summer and many...

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Change is in the Air

As a pilot, one of the things that is often emphasized to me is that the only constant in our airline industry is change.This motto also applies to my online store. When I first started Stone Field Shaving Co., I planned to carry just one type of shaving cream, our own brand- made by local artisans.  What I learned early on is that my customers wanted more products and so I began to add razors and brushes. So one of the first major changes was what we sold.  My online store grew from 3 products to the large offering I have today. ( I haven’t counted them)  Another major change is in our own products. North of Fifty began as a shaving...

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