We've selected some of the most frequently asked questions.  If we haven't answered your question here, simply contact us and we will answer you in 1-2 business days.

Where are you located?  

Our store is located online, so technically we are everywhere.  But, if you must ask, we are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  We do not have a brick and mortar store.  We are online only. 


I'm New to Wet Shaving.  Where Do I Begin?

If you're new to wet shaving, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed.  Lucky for you we have that covered.  A customer of mine suggested that we create a category for those new to wet shaving or those rediscovering wet shaving.  We decided to call it......well, New to Wet Shaving? simply click here.

Basic wet shaving is a razor, brush and a shaving cream or soap of your choice. I do recommend adding a pre shave oil as well. 

We also have complimentary videos and articles in our College of Shaving link.  

If you're still not sure if these products are right for you, or you need more guidance, just email me at stonefieldshave@gmail.com


What Currency are you using?

We are a Canadian store and therefore we display prices in Canadian dollars.  The prices at checkout will ALWAYS be displayed in our main currency which is CAD. We do have applications that can convert the currency based on your location.  By default, prices are listed in CDN.    Please keep in mind that if you pay with a credit card (that isn’t in Canadian dollars), your credit card statement will be billed in your respective currency.  The CDN dollar is converted by the credit card company at the time of purchase and will display on your credit card statement.  Click on this link for currency conversions.

What is your Shipping Policy? 

When I receive an order, my goal is to process the order and have it delivered to Canada Post within 3-5 business days.  Often it is much sooner.  If I am away at work or on vacation, I will post a banner on the home page with the latest updates.  For detailed information on our shipping policy, please click here


For more detailed shipping policies- please refer to our Shipping and Shipping to the UK and EU for details. 

Most internatonal orders are shipped WITHOUT tracking.  If you would like tracking, please select that option at checkout.  Shipping outside of North America, without tracking and by ground can take at least 84 business days to reach the destination!

Products containing Alcohol are NOT able to ship from Canada to the USA and overseas


What is your Return, Exchange and Refund Policy? 

Please visit our Return, Exchange and Refund Policy.   Some restrictions apply.  


Why is it called Stone Field?

Stone Field Shaving Company Ltd. was named after my last name, Steinfeld. Translated into English, Steinfeld means Stone Field.  I was looking for a name that truly meant something to me and something easy to remember.  I'm sure there is a stone field out there somewhere on the prairies.  I just haven't found it yet.

 Other notable Steinfeld's out there:

Jake Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

Steinfeld Pickles

As far as I know I'm not related to any of them.


Why is there an Airplane? 

My first career and passion is flying.  I've been flying for over 30 years.  When I'm not selling wet shaving supplies, I'm busy flying airplanes for one of Canada's major airlines.   While I'm not the first wet shaving store or even wet shaving online store, I am changing the way people look at wet shaving.  I'm showing people the value in supporting Canadian artisans, I'm showing how we can use repurposed materials to make great products.  I'm providing people with great customer service.   The airplane featured is a Beaver- a pioneer in Canadian aviation.  My hope is that my company will be a pioneer in wet shaving products.


What do You Sell? 

Our focus is men's wet shaving products such as razors, brushes, shaving soaps and creams.  We're always looking for great products.  Many of our products are made right here in Canada.  These products appear in their respective categories such as brushes or razors.  They also appear in a unique category called Canadiana.    We also have a collection for women.  Be sure to check out our For Her collection.

If you don't see something, please let me know.  Many of our great collections grew because of input from our customers.

How do we decide what we carry?

We're always looking for great products.  First and foremost, we love to support local artisans and Canadian companies.  We're proud of the products that are available in Canada.  Most people are surprised to learn that some of the finest brushes, razors and soaps are made right here.  We have a lot of talented artisans out there and we love to support them.

Secondly, we love to talk to our customers.  Our customers know what they like and we listen to them.  If there's a product out there and you think we should carry it, we want to hear from you.  We can't carry every product out there, but we'll always do our best to find the right products for you. 

Finally, I enjoy carrying products that I have used.  Many of the products I sell are products that I have used personally.   I want to share them with you.


Do You Sell Products for Women?

Yes.  Women can also enjoy the ritual of wet shaving with our great collection of wet shaving products.  We've taken this chore and turned it into a ritual.  We've created a special section just for her.  Visit our For Her collection.  Many of the products such as the soaps were made especially just for her.

How Do I Smell This Stuff?

Well, by stuff, you must mean our amazing soaps, creams and balms.  That's a great question!  If you know a way to smell products online or you have developed this technology, let me know!  Seriously though, when we add our product descriptions, we use the artisan's description as well as our own to try and help you understand the aroma or scent.  It's no easy task and every one has different tastes and sensitivities.  If the description is not adequate, please let me know, I can try and provide more detailed descriptions for you.

There are So Many Scents Out There- How Do I Decide?

How do I decide?

Choosing the right scent can be really challenging.  Some of the questions you might ask yourself are:


1) Do I like earthy notes? Lavender, though often thought of as floral, does have an earthy note to it.

 2) Do I like woody type scents? Sandalwood and cedar wood are classic scents

 3) Do I like citrus notes? Lemon or Lime.

 4) Do I like classic fragrances?  These often take some of the notes above and are blended with other oils or fragrances.  These would be similar to cologne scents with multiple notes.

5) Tobacco scents are very popular.  Don't worry- you won't be disappointed. 

If you're trying to find a gift for someone, often you can't go wrong with a scent.  Consider a popular scent versus something really unusual.  

If in doubt, just email me at stonefieldshave@gmail.com


Do You Have Gift Sets or Custom Gift Sets?

Gift ideas for Him

You've come to the right place.  We love helping people find that perfect gift.  We can work with any budget- big or small and we promise that we'll make it a gift he won't forget.  We can even wrap it for you in our manly brown paper wrap and cord at no additional cost.  We've done birthdays, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hannukah, Bar Mitzvahs and weddings to name a few.

You have so many choices.  Feel free to browse and choose the gift yourself, or visit our Gift Ideas collection for inspiration  and great deals.  If you want, I'll even help you customize your own gift set.  Let me help you!  Just drop me a line at stonefieldshave@gmail.com

Gifts for Her- It can be tough finding the right gift for her.  Did you wait till the last minute to find her a gift? Don't worry, we got you covered!  We've had so many requests for gift sets for women that we finally created a collection just for her. Visit our For Her collection.  

 I can create unique gift sets within your budget and create a remarkable gift experience.  

Email us at stonefieldshave@gmail.com and let's find the perfect gift!


 Do You Offer Samples?

Samples are only given with completed orders.   

Why does it seem like I'm getting the same sample?

I have a limited amount of samples provided by various artisans.  

Do you offer a specific sample upon request?

I can provide a sample upon request if I have the sample in stock.

Why don't you sell samples?

There are a couple of reasons why we do not sell samples:

1) Not all artisans offer or allow us to sell samples of their products.

2) Samples are very costly to make and when you factor in containers, labelling and labour the costs are too prohibitive for our business.







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