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Season's Change......and so does My Shave

Ah the Byrds.   "To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn.  Now that you have that tune in your head (you're welcome) it has me thinking again about the transitions we make in our shaving routine.  I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again.  Just as the leaves change color and the seasons change, your shaving routine can also undergo a change.   In previous blogs, I've talked about the scent transitions.  Namely that we often switch to warmer or "darker" scents during the fall and winter and citrus or "brighter" scents in the summer.  This isn't a hard rule but in my conversations with other wet shavers, it seems to be a common trend.   I also think...

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Turn up The Base!

No that's not a typo!  Base.....not bass!  In the 6 years I've been running my business, I have seen various trends in the wet shaving world.  The trends vary from scents to label design, to overall product design and concepts.  Maybe one would call these gimmicks- or maybe not.  Like many things, these trends tend to come and go and they each get their 15 minutes of fame.  Regardless of what trend we may be experiencing, avid wet shavers still love to see the latest offerings from artisans and vendors.   Perhaps the one trend that hasn't changed is the desire to have or use a superior base.  Often artisans chase the elusive "superior" or "elite" base (if such a thing...

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Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

It could always be worse.   Those 5 words are often part of my day to day thoughts and feelings. However, I've also been known to say that if it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. I guess this sums up March 21st very well.   I was away at work and sleeping when my phone rang at 4:30 am.  I've always told my family that they can call me (no matter the time) because I want them to always feel like I'm within easy reach...even when great distances and time zones separate us.  I figured one of my sons didn't realize the time change.  Imagine my shock and surprise when they informed me (more like yelling) that our...

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It's Time to Shave!

It's March 17th (Happy St. Patrick's Day) and I'm staring out the window at a mountain of snow in my backyard.  The melt is very slow and this morning, with coffee in hand, I can still see a few snowflakes falling from the sky.  This year we celebrated 5 years of being online and it's been a wild journey.  The website and store have really changed a lot from those humble beginnings.  Our first few sales happened via FaceBook and 99% of them were to friends and family.  Despite all the changes and despite the growth (my store....not my beard) it's always worth it to take a look back and celebrate the achievements big and small. When it comes to...

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What's in store for 2022

Alright, I'll admit it- I was going to title this blog post 2021- "A Year in Review", or perhaps "A Year to Remember....and Forget".  Needless to say we all very much find ourselves in peculiar times and so perhaps I write this blog to end off 2021 with some reflection and then think about all of the possibilities in 2022.   In the last part of 2021, I was talking to a couple of artisans and I remarked that I thought the market was saturated more than ever.  I honestly thought it was all doom and gloom and we would see significant changes.  So despite all this negativity, and while there's no shortage of quality shave soaps out there, I think...

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