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It’s Cold. But It’s a Dry Cold

February can sometimes lead to the Winter blahs.  But not for this wet shaver!  February is always an exciting time for me.  For one thing, I celebrate several anniversaries.   I celebrate the anniversary of my first date with my wife Stav.   I celebrate my anniversary at the  airline I work for.   I also celebrate the anniversary of our online store.  I’m not sure if I can say that Spring is right around the corner, but we’re closer to Spring than we were a month ago! Now where was I?  Oh yes February.  February in Winnipeg (or Winterpeg- if you must) can really damage my skin.  Locals will tell you it’s cold.....but it’s a dry cold.  We’ve been fortunate this year,...

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Challenges for 2020

  Dear loyal customers and friends, On December 1st, I was notified that shipping rates with several shipping carriers were all increasing effective January 1st including Canada Post. After careful consideration, I decided to maintain our existing rates for the month of January so that I could properly assess the potential impact this would have on my company and more importantly on you, my customer. Shipping continues to be my greatest operational expense. I recognize that many companies offer free shipping and I believe that this is something I can continue to offer. I reached out to several customers and friends to discuss our shipping challenges and to learn what I could do in order to continue to offer exceptional...

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Choosing the Perfect Gift- For Him, For Her and For You!

November is always a busy time of year for us.  Most people are getting into their holiday shopping mode.  The experience shopper has eagle eyes and are looking out for great deals and great gift ideas.  Lucky for you, Stone Field Shaving Co. is your one stop shop for great gift ideas and great deals.   Whether you are shopping for the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions, rest assured we will take care of you.  You're not just buying a gift, you're buying an experience.   Customers ask me all the time for great gift ideas.  Normally, I like to ask a couple of questions: 1) Are they new to wet shaving? 2) What types of scents do they like or dislike?...

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So You Think You Have Sensitive Skin?

I love getting emails from customers. In fact, it’s one of the highlights of running this business because I get a real chance to connect with you and learn about what’s important to you. One of the most popular conversations I have - especially with those new to wet shaving, is the topic of sensitive skin.Normally the email goes something like this. “Hi Jonathan, I’d love to start wet shaving but I have sensitive skin. Do you have any recommendations?”I’ll start by saying that I am not a dermatologist and I am not even an expert on skin care. I like to think of myself as a wet shaving enthusiast....not a wet shaving expert. Truth is, there are lots of...

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