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The Perfect Summer Shave

Summer is in full swing and things are hotter than ever.  There's nothing like a summer shave.  Maybe you're still staying at home but relaxing with a cup of coffee (or something stronger).  Perhaps you are at the cabin enjoying a shave with the outdoors as your background.  (see our home page).  Regardless, Summer is a great time to shave! This is probably my first year where I've been more drawn to unique summer scents or perhaps more fruity and citrus scents compared to previous years.  I don't know why that is but perhaps I'm opening my eyes and my mind to trying new things.  I recently tried Shannon's Soaps- Iced Watermelon- and I am really hooked!  It's a scent that...

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Your Gift Guide is Here

Father's Day is a great time to introduce or reintroduce that special someone to the art of wet shaving.  Here is a guide to picking out some great gifts from our online store.

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A Different Perspective

From time to time I'll invite a customer or artisan to be our guest blogger.  If you'd like to participate, please contact me and we can go from there.  Today you'll meet Amy from Contrail Candles.  Amy recently switched to wet shaving and here you'll learn about her first impressions.  COVID, I know the most hated term in the world currently. It has flipped the world upside down and has negatively impacted us all. But I want to focus on the positives that came out of this pandemic to help boost morale and show case the importance of self care during these difficult times.  After covid hit I lost my job, like many other airline employees. I had a lot of...

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A New Look for Spring

As an owner of an online store, I am always receiving emails from companies- most of them not even in Canada, promising me amazing returns if they can revamp or redesign my website.  Often these re-designs can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.  Even with this sort of investment, there's no guarantee that the website will work.  Since our online launch in 2017, we've made several design changes to help our customers find what they're looking for.  Although my store lives in a virtual world, in many ways, it's still very real to me.  Real products and real people are still very much a part of this shop.  Last month I met with Travis from Flight Plan Marketing.  Travis is a pilot...

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