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Like every other blog post I've written I must sincerely begin with an apology.  Family, work, life in general, fulfilling orders often take priority (as they should) over this blog.  I;ve also decided to create shorter blogs.  This will be the first one.  So I'll try and be brief and stick to the point.  

With summer here, one might be quick to assume that citrus scents or citrus inspired shave soaps and after shaves are the go to, and you wouldn't be wrong.  However,  this year, I've noticed a trend towards tobacco scents and also island themed scents (think pina colodas).  While a Pina Colada scent is some what predictable for this warm weather, I was surprised to see that tobacco inspired scents seem to be a go to this spring and summer.   In terms of a tobacco scent for summer, I would likely gravitate towards something with a pipe tobacco scent.  Sometimes these can be a touch lighter or not as bold and maybe even carry a sweeter scent.  

If you're looking for a new scent for your den, I would strongly recommend adding Blackbird Farm and Apothecary's Dirty Biker.  Made with hops, aged whiskey, beer and pipe tobacco smoke, you can trust its quality ingredients to give you a unique shaving experience.  Their soaps are a standard melt and pour- but before you run away, let me tell you that these soaps are some of the best that I've tried in my den.  The lather is impressive and the post shave feel is so good. 

Today, I have to head to work (my real job) and scheduling has me away from home.  However, my online store is always open.  I truly value your support and look forward to serving you again.  

May all your shaves be smooth.


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