Celebrating 6 Years!

It's our birthday!   Today I refreshed my home page and reviewed some orders and noticed a small caption that congratulated me on 6 years.  Well if you look at our logo and do the math you might be wondering how we come up with 6 years when the company was founded in 2016.  So somewhere between 6 or 7 years we have something to celebrate.   Allow me to explain.

After a couple of years of exploring wet shaving and beginning the process of getting a shave cream manufactured, it was time to register the business.  Stone Field Shaving Co. was founded in the fall of 2016.  However, the first sales wouldn't occur until 2017.  The first couple of sales were mainly by word of mouth and were completed by way of simple e-transfers.  Most were done through social media as the website was not full functional.  The website design and development took several months and was mainly created by a very talented graphic designer who also designed our logo.  Once the main pages were set up, it was time to add the personal touches.  The website launched in February 2017.   The first online sale was actually a pack of blades.  I sold them to myself to test the system and see how it worked.  

Just as wine gets better with age, so to has our website and online store.  The website itself has undergone several changes and the most recent version was created with the help of another pilot and also another talented individual.   I hope you enjoy it.  We also began to create our own identity as an online store.  Last fall we shifted from trying to carry everything, to mainly supporting Canadian brands.  The good news is that we are seeing new brands and new creations from talented artisans right here in Canada.     

I'm excited to see how far we've come and I want to thank you for your support along the way.



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