A New Look for Spring

As an owner of an online store, I am always receiving emails from companies- most of them not even in Canada, promising me amazing returns if they can revamp or redesign my website.  Often these re-designs can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.  Even with this sort of investment, there's no guarantee that the website will work.  Since our online launch in 2017, we've made several design changes to help our customers find what they're looking for.  Although my store lives in a virtual world, in many ways, it's still very real to me.  Real products and real people are still very much a part of this shop.  Last month I met with Travis from Flight Plan Marketing.  Travis is a pilot like me- so naturally we get along great.  As two pilots who have been affected by this Pandemic, we both understand the challenges of our careers and running our own businesses.  Travis helped me analyze the data from my online store and helped me understand where my store wasn't performing.  What!!!! How can my store not be performing?  Well it turns out there were several things that needed to be fixed and Travis and his team got to work.  My main goal was to keep the "feel" of my online store, but make it better.  So what has changed?  The main difference is a complete overhaul of our home page.  We've reduced the number of "clicks" it takes to shop with us.  In some cases we've reduced the clicks from 4 or more clicks to just 1 click.  We've added a best sellers section on the home page that we will update with our new releases and best sellers.  We've made it easier for first time wet shavers to pick their 4 main products- Razor, Brush, Soap and After Shave.   

Another shout out goes to one of my customers- Marc.  Marc shared with me his SOTD over the summer while he was at the lake.  I thought it was awesome to include this picture on my home page.  Going forward we would love to have other unique pictures.  If you're handy with a camera or mobile device and want us to use your picture, just let me know.  We're looking for good resolution pictures (square format), colour or black and white, and feature some of the products we carry.   I haven't decided how often I will switch it up- but it's something that will be fun for all of us.  

In previous blogs, I've talked about change and even this past fall we tidied up our website- mostly focussing on colours and minor editorial changes.  I know that change is not always a good thing and is sometimes challenging.  However, this is a really positive change for me and for you, my customer.  Throughout all of this, one thing won't change, my commitment to offer excellent customer service.

Until next time- may all your shaves be smooth.


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