End of Year Reflection- The Best and Worst SOTD

Today is December 31st.  As we get ready to usher in the new year, it seems that I should reflect on the best and worst shave of the day (SOTD).  However, before I dive into that, I should truly reflect on how lucky I am to have a wonderful customer base such as yourself.  Even if you're not a customer, I truly appreciate your likes, your loves and your comments on social media.  So much of my success is owed to people like you. 

From time to time, someone will take the time to write me with ideas or suggestions.  Many of the changes we made in late June and July to our website were based on customer feedback.  Like a finely tuned engine, we're constantly listening and feeling the website to see how it's running.  If something is not right, we fix it.  One of our last major add-ons was an ability to sort our products based on different parameters.  Again, this was a customer suggestion- so thank you.      

Our products that we carry are also influenced by or customers.  One of the first heavily influenced products was the Mason Boutique Line.  Sadly, they've discontinued their soaps.  However, I have no regrets.  I truly believe in helping people find the right products- and so I value your input.  With 2018 around the corner, what is in store?  Well, I will continue to seek Canadian artisans and stock their soaps.  We have some really talented artisans here in canada and I want to showcase them.  We're also going to introduce some new brands to our store (though not new to wet shaving).  The Sterling Soap Company has been on our radar for some time and we hope to have this in the new year.  We are also looking at bringing in additional scents from Taylor of Old Bond Street.  Of course there's more- but we'll keep that a surprise.  We will have new razors, brushes and bowls as well.   It's going to be an exciting year!

So- what was my best and worst SOTD. First of all, I've learned that, in particular with artisan soaps, yo have to learn how to work with them.  This may or may not be a desirable quality.  Some soaps are more thirsty than others.  Some lather while others don't.  This doesn't mean a soap in inferior to another.  It means they are different.  That's what makes this journey so much fun.   

So the worst SOTD-  Perhaps it wasn't the entire shaving experience - but it was the first time my Dovo Straight "bit" me.  Of course it happened to be my wife- Stav's, 40th birthday party.  Lessons learned- NEVER rush a good shave- especially with a straight.   This experience taught me to slow down my shaves.  You'll be less likely to hurt yourself- but more importantly- it becomes a meditation.  You focus on the now.  

As for the best SOTD- well certainly when I took my North of Fifty Collection out for a test drive.  I used it today- seems fitting to end the year where it all began.  I'll admit that unlike others- it doesn't lather as easily as most.  However, its incredible protection and slickness make up for it in lather building.  An awesome SOTD means that all the key components- your razor, your brush, your bowl, etc., work in harmony to deliver a great shave.

Next year is right around the corner.  Happy new year to all of my friends and family, my loyal customers and supporters.  Two thousand and eighteen is going to be an exciting year.  Shave On!   

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