Stone Field Shaving Company Gift Card

Stone Field Shaving Company Gift Card

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Gift Cards always make great gift ideas when you're not sure what to get someone.  

Once the gift card is purchased, it will be emailed to you right away.  Be sure to check your inbox, spam or junk folder just in case.  It's an electronic gift card with a unique code.  The recipient does not get an actual card (plastic or otherwise).
The code is redeemed at checkout when they input the code in the "Gift card or  discount code" field.

Note: When a person uses the gift card and their total purchase with the gift card is meets the standard free shipping threshold, the person may be required to pay for shipping at checkout even if it qualifies for free shipping.   This is because the gift card is treated as a dollar amount discount by Shopify.   If the order meets our free shipping criteria, we will manually refund the the cost of the shipping (if applicable) once the order is placed.  At this time there is no known fix for this.  Sorry for the inconvenience.



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