Stone Field Concrete Soap Dish
Stone Field Concrete Soap Dish
Stone Field Concrete Soap Dish

Stone Field Concrete Soap Dish

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These concrete soap dishes are the perfect addition to any shave den.  They are also great accessories for work spaces or kitchens.  If you have a sink, you need one of these soap dishes.

Soap dishes aren't just a convenient place to hold that slippery bar of soap.  They can actually serve a practical purpose too.  These soap dishes are made of concrete and not just for looks either!  The concrete is left untreated and will naturally absorb water.  This means that your soaps will last longer and won't break down as quickly.  

Available in an Oval shape or Rectangle.  

I make these soap dishes in small batches right here in Winnipeg.  The curing process for one soap dish can take as long as a month!  I use the natural climate outdoors for curing and so these are made between the late Spring and early Fall where the temperatures are just right.  I mix the cement myself and use molds to make these soap dishes.   I don't use any mechanical tools-  so it's not uncommon to see some tiny air bubbles develop after curing. These have such a unique look to them and make a great gift too!

No two dishes are alike.  Tiny air bubbles during casting give each soap dish a unique look.  

 Made in Winnipeg




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