Paragon Shaving Brush- PTS2-Sianico Plisson Synthetic Brush Handle 28mm

Paragon Shaving Brush- PTS2-Sianico Plisson Synthetic Brush Handle 28mm

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Some time ago, I learned about Paragon Shaving from the man himself, Rodrigo Zedan. Rodrigo sells these beautiful brushes from Surrey, BC., but I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Plisson Type" Synthetic Knot - 28mm

Ask any experienced, or even novice, traditional shaver and they will know these fibers. They were the rage in 2015, and there are already plenty of fantastic offerings from other vendors' brushes out there with these same fibers.

Paragon wanted to set themselves apart by offering it only in a densely packed, 28mm diameter knot. This is the "Chubby" version of these synthetic knots. Its performance is unique and Rodrigo is proud to offer this version. 

 More and more people are looking for synthetic brushes.  The problem with synthetic brushes is that they often irritate the skin as the plastics or synthetics scratch you.  Not a good quality to have at all.

 It took Paragon a while to find the perfect synthetic brush material. They started looking for a knot that recreated the fantastic performance of the Muhle Rytmo series. They found the ideal knot in a 25mm size and these fibers that deliver a great backbone and soft tips.

Paragon loves their wood handles!  They tried many local and regional types and ultimately fell in love with Mahogany and Cedar from the Central American Region. These trees come from the area stretching from Honduras, El Salvador and all the way up to some places in Guatemala and Mexico.

They are not only strong woods, but they carry inherent properties to behave favorably in an environment where they will be exposed to water.  Perfect qualities to have in a shaving brush. 

Now back to Rodrigo's story.  Not only do they make these brushes, but they also give back!  Paragon Shaving directs a portion of the revenue from these products towards a place they know is in need. 

Located in El Salvador, Central America, HOPAC is a non profit organization that aids children and adults with cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, that come from poverty and have very limited resources. 

Designed, assembled and finished in White Rock, British Columbia

Mahogany harvested and turned in El Salvador. 


Photo Credit- Paragon Shaving



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