Omega Alum Stick

Omega Alum Stick

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A definite must.  From novice to expert, every wet shaver needs an Alum Stick.  Let's face it, sometimes we get a little nick.  It happens!  An alum stick helps stop the bleeding and helps heal the skin.  This Alum Stick from Omega  has several different uses.  It can be used as an After Shave, Facial Toner, and Natural Deodorant.  Made from natural potassium alum, this stick is a solid with a rounded surface for comfort during application.

Simply apply the alum directly onto your skin immediately after shaving.  It will tone the skin and help stop bleeding from any small nicks or cuts.  Did you know that alum is also a natural antiseptic.  

Omega has been making shaving products since 1946. In addition to their Alum Stick, Stone Field Shaving Company also has the Omega Brush and Soap set.  

Made in Italy
Weight: 2.12 oz (60 g)



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