Dierbe Oudwood Eau De Parfum NO.67
Dierbe Oudwood Eau De Parfum NO.67

Dierbe Oudwood Eau De Parfum NO.67

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From the makers of our North of Fifty Pre-Shave Oil!

This perfume is highly concentrated with the top aroma of Oudwood being Sandalwood from Bali and Bergamot as the middle note and Neroli as the base note. This scent is so beautiful, sophisticated and a head-turner suitable for men and women. With just one to two sprays, it will last a day.

For Men or For Women

Oudwood is a precious oil derived from a very meticulous process of extracting aroma from a diseased agar tree. The oil is considered precious gold because of its rarity and value.

About Dierbe/Soapafina

Creating simple, clean and effective products became Sheila's challenge until she was ready to open a shop in 2008.  Soapafina Inc. became the pioneer in providing skin care products in North America. Assisting small to large businesses achieve their dream through branding with their private label services.


Soapafina Inc. is meticulously working hand-in-hand with clients in order to deliver the best possible product to their customers.  Sheila takes pride with her products which is backed with high-quality standards. 

Ingredients: Perfumer's Base, Pure Essential Oil

30 ML 


Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba



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