CleanO2 Exfoliating Shower Mitt
CleanO2 Exfoliating Shower Mitt
CleanO2 Exfoliating Shower Mitt

CleanO2 Exfoliating Shower Mitt

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The CleanO2 exfoliating shower mitt offers an invigorating start to your day. Its open-weave burlap design provides an effective way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin without irritation. Enjoy a deeper, more satisfying cleanse and feel ready to face the day.

A brisk scrub from open-weave fabric

The open weave fabric does three wonderful things. First it provides you with an invigorating scrub. Second, it builds a nice fat lather quickly. And after you hang it up (there’s a built-in loop for that), it wicks water from your soap so the bar dries faster and lasts longer


Makes Any Soap Into a Scrub

The Exfoliating Shower Mitt comes with a loop for hanging on your shower caddy and is made of an open-weave fabric. So in addition to making you feel vigorously clean, it drains well and helps your soap last longer.

A Soap Holder and Exfoliator in One

If you’re a devoted soap lover or a person who loves showering, this one accessory could take your shower experience to the next level. Here’s why: it helps clean your skin thoroughly. It builds a great lather. And it makes your soap last longer. Some folks even accumulate their soap ends and slivers and toss them into a mitt to make sure they get every little bit from their soap.



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