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Bartigan and Stark Klei Pomade

Bartigan and Stark Klei Pomade

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This Matte Pomade is a must have for the man on the move.

Available in two sizes (30g and 60 g).  The smaller size is perfect for travel and fits in your pocket.  It can go anywhere with you.

A lot of thought has gone into every single aspect of Bartigan & Stark Klei (clay) pomade to bring you a truly significant product. Here’s what you need to know:

• natural, water-based product
• medium-to-firm hold, no-shine
• an incredibly smooth and creamy texture
• super easy to apply to wet or dry hair
• packed with nutritious ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, vitamin B5, glycerin and shea butter
• has kaolin clay, which adds texture to hair for a thicker appearance
• lasts all day, even with physical activity
• easy to wash out
• an awesome citrusy scent reminiscent of Mountain Dew, and derived from natural ingredients, not synthetic fragrances

Did You Know?

The label is an amazing work of art! Bartigan and Stark collaborated with Calgary artist, Jennifer Delaney, to fashion a label that is tribute-worthy of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain trio, called Three Sisters, is located near the beautiful village of Canmore, a favourite hangout of theirs. 

About Bartigan and Stark

Bartigan and Stark feels it is important to support local organizations. They purchase ingredients, packaging, etc. from local businesses as much as possible.

They also prefer to use local, organic, plant-based ingredients. Their scents are created from products found in nature, not synthetic fragrances.


Bartigan and Stark collaborate with businesses and organizations who have a heart for charity.  They donate a significant portion to charities such as Movember and Meal Share.

When you purchase an item from Bartigan & Stark you can feel good that your dollar is going an extra mile.


Made in Calgary, Alberta



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