The Art of Making Lather

The art of making lather is as old as shaving itself.  Much like shaving with a double edge safety razor or straight razor, it takes practice to perfect your lather.

Some soaps are easier to lather than others.  Factors such as soap ingredients, the amount of water used and brush type are just some of the variables that may effect your lather. Don't give up!

While everyone has their own method, generally speaking, I try and use very little water and then add water as needed.   It’s easier to add water than to take it away.  

Lather can be made in the soap tub itself, a bowl, mug or a scuttle.  Some people skip all of those and lather directly on to their face.  The choice is yours.

Here’s a great video on the art of making lather by Distorted Edge Shaving.

Here's a great video about how to make traditional shave lather by Mantic59.





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