An Important Message For My Customers

Dear Friend,

Your loyalty and continued support has always been very valuable to me.  Without you, there would be no Stone Field Shaving Company.   By now you have probably been inundated with emails and messages from various companies on how they are dealing with COVID-19.  

For our little online store, it is so far business as usual.  However, I am making some small adjustments, which I hope are temporary, until we sort this all out.

I have made the difficult decision to immediately stop bringing in products from outside of Canada.  The main reason for this are the unpredictable and out of control exchange rates.  I simply cannot make this viable.  When the USD prices are converted to CDN, ultimately the consumer pays the price.  I don't believe these prices are fair.  Just to be clear, I am still shipping to the USA and elsewhere.  I am just not bringing things in.  

I am taking the necessary precautions that have been outlined by our government with regards to personal hygiene and social distancing.  I am continuing to make deliveries but would prefer to simply leave them in your mail box or between the doors.  We can shake hands and talk another time.

I continue to use Canada Post.  If there are major delays, I will do my best to keep you informed.  If you have a tracking number, please visit their website for up to date information.

Finally, if you are a front line worker, or maybe you just need a little support to get through this difficult time, please reach out to me.  In the past I've helped customers when they needed an extra boost and I am more than happy to help you again.  

Kind Regards,




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