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Father's Day (June 20th this year) is the perfect time to introduce or even reintroduce someone to the joys of wet shaving.  When people email me and tell me about their wet shaving journey, they often reminisce about watching their father or grandfather shave.  There are so many fond memories and that's really what wet shaving is all about.  

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for Father's Day, or any occasion, I normally suggest a couple of factors that I hope you will find helpful. I've included some links within this blog to help you find the perfect gift.  

In simple terms, there are two types of wet shavers out there.  The first one is the gentleman who typically uses a cartridge razor and perhaps "goo" in a can. The second is the traditional wet shaver. Believe it or not, the gentleman who uses a cartidge razor can be the easiest to shop for, so let's take a look at some ideas for him. 

Chances are, he isn't 100% ready to take the leap of faith and switch to a DE razor like the Merkur or Rockwell Razors.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Don't spend your money on an expensive razor he won't use.  Unless they've expressed interest in making the switch to a DE razor, you don't want to invest in something he won't enjoy.  I think the perfect gift is a shave brush and shave soap combination.  The reason I love this so much is because he can still use a brush and shave soap in his daily (or almost daily) routine.   Adding a brush and shave soap to his routine kicks it up a notch.  It will go from being a tedious chore to something he actually looks forward to.    There's nothing like whipping up a rich dense lather with a shave brush.  The scents can be incredible and the shave will feel so much more enjoyable.  Brushes can not only help build a lather, they can also help exfoliate the skin.  Often store bought cans of goo have a lot of harsh chemicals in them and they tend to dry the skin out and lead to irritation.  He'll notice a change almost right away.  

In terms of brushes, we have so many to choose from.  I'd like to talk about three special companies.  Erebus and Terror and Yingling Brushworks are both Winnipeg based companies that are turning out some beautiful brushes.  They are carefully crafted by hand and they will work very well in any shave routine.  Another company is Paragon Shaving.  Based in British Columbia, Rodrigo has been making brushes for several years and we've been carrying them almost since day 1 of our company opening.  His brushes are light weight and comfortable to hold.  All 3 companies make beautiful brushes.  

When it comes to shave soaps- we definitely have many to choose from.  For the most part, you'll be selecting a scent.  In order to find the perfect scent for him, I would consider doing some reconnaissance and seeing what he has hiding in the medicine cabinet or on top of his dresser.  Is there a cologne he likes?  If you know some of the scent notes (Google is great for this) you will likely be able to find a scent in our online store that will compliment it.  Of course, I'm always more than happy to help you find something he will enjoy.

We do have a unique brush and soap set from Knightsbridge.  If you're looking for a very budget friendly solution to a brush and soap (in this case a shave cream) this is a great alternative.  Their shave creams are on par with traditional shave creams such as Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Now let's shift gears and talk about the traditional wet shaver in your house. Perhaps they recently switched to wet shaving.  If they have, perhaps they would be eager to try a new razor.  One razor company that has a loyal following and is one of my favourite razors is the Christopher Bradley razor from Karve.  These razors are made in Edmonton and manufactured in small batches and they are all about precision.  If you're not sure about a razor- maybe they own a couple already, I would definitely consider the one of a kind brushes that I mentioned earlier.  However one great gift idea would be to pamper him with a shave cream from Caswell-Massey.  They have an amazing history and their scents are classic scents.  In all likelihood, he won't use this shave cream daily- but perhaps enjoy it on special occasions.  We also have some unique toiletry bags that are part of a special organization that is changing the world.  

Finally, we've curated some unique gift ideas and we've added them to a section called (appropriately) Gift Ideas.  We also have some neat things that make great "add ons" and represent our brand or what the cool kids call "Merch" so be sure to check out Stone Field Essentials. Be sure to also read our shipping and return policies in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

One of my favourite things to do is to help someone find the perfect gift.  I hope this has given you some ideas on where to begin.  As always, contact me if you need more guidance or have any questions.  

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