What's in store for 2022

Alright, I'll admit it- I was going to title this blog post 2021- "A Year in Review", or perhaps "A Year to Remember....and Forget".  Needless to say we all very much find ourselves in peculiar times and so perhaps I write this blog to end off 2021 with some reflection and then think about all of the possibilities in 2022.  

In the last part of 2021, I was talking to a couple of artisans and I remarked that I thought the market was saturated more than ever.  I honestly thought it was all doom and gloom and we would see significant changes.  So despite all this negativity, and while there's no shortage of quality shave soaps out there, I think the creativity is still limitless.  Just as a composer can create a unique tune out of some musical notes, a soap maker can create a endless array of scents for our olfactory senses.  Soap makers are continuing to push the boundaries of soap making by improving their bases, their scents and the overall wet shaving experience.  Good things are coming in 2022.

2021 was an interesting year in the world of wet shaving....in particular in the Canadian scene.  We saw new bases and new scents from artisans and also saw some of our Canadian Artisans reach other markets or vendors in Canada and beyond.  It's nice to see these artisans get recognized.  

I also think there's been an interest in revisiting favorite classic scents (dupes)..  While there have always been some dupes out there- think of all of the Aventus Creed or Tom Ford inspirations, I think there are others to discover and my prediction for 2022 is that we see some more arrive on scene. (If that isn't a hint.....)

I think we will see more seasonal offerings from artisans and I think we will see some new brands emerge as well.  

My company is going to keep doing what it is doing- which is focusing on the Canadian brand.  While past efforts focused on Canadian brand quantity, this year it will focus on quality and highlighting best sellers.  

2022 is just around the corner.....and when you read this blog- the new year has already begun.  My one ask, dear wet shaver, is to give artisans and vendors- new and old- a fair chance.   Try some products that aren't on the familiar path.  You might even surprise yourself with a perfect shave.

May all your shaves be smooth for 2022.



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