What's Hot This Summer?

Summer is finally here and I can't believe how fast July has flown by.  I had a chance to visit out west and out east and it seems that many places are experiencing a heat wave.  

With the change in seasons, often people will adjust their shaving routines.  This month I'm rocking a goatee- mainly because I'm lazy and on vacation.  However, there's something to be said about letting it grow for the season.  Beard oils work really well at moisturizing the skin underneath that forest.  If you're looking for a great beard oil- check out Oil Can Grooming.  

Another trend in the scent department are lighter citrus scents.  Citrus notes are a fabulous way to celebrate summer and many people continue to use them throughout the winter.    If you're not quite ready to go all in- on a pure citrus scent, you might want to consider the Lime scent from Henri et Victoria.  "Fresh Lime greets the user with notes of Bergamot.  Amber gives the deep, warm and musky notes.  A base note of rich sophisticated and creamy Sandalwood complete this fragrance." 

Finally, men are looking for a cooling effect on their skin.  We have quite a few products that include menthol and these can help bring  cooling relief on a hot summer's day.  Myrsol Blue is a personal favourite of mine.  It reminds me of something my grandfather used.  It has a nice classic scent and a great cooling sensation to chase away the heat.  

Whether you shave a little or you shave a lot, this summer I've got you covered.  Be sure to drop by our online store as we are always adding new products.  

Enjoy your summer!


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