The Ritual of Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is making a resurgence.  Men everywhere (and women) are rediscovering this art.  Since my company focusses on wet shaving, it only makes sense that I dive deep into the subject.  As you'll soon discover, like many things, wet shaving is often a personal preference.  Whether you use a disposable razor or safety razor; a brush or your hands; a mug or a scuttle; a soap or a cream, ultimately the choice is yours.   That is, you can invest in as little or as much as you want.  There are not a lot of rules about wet shaving but  there are a lot of guidelines.  More than anything, I want you to enjoy the experience- the ritual of wet shaving.

Before we start looking into these guidelines, first and foremost, what is wet shaving? Simply put, it is the act of shaving when the skin is wet.  If you've ever used a disposable razor, a safety razor or a straight razor, then you have partaken in the art of wet shaving. The rediscovered art of wet shaving primarily involves a double edge (DE) safety razor or a straight razor.  My company focusses on DE razors.  

I like to consider wet shaving a ritual.  For me, it's a chance to put my mind at ease on the projects for the day.  It allows me to focus on the present, not dwell on the past or worry about the future.  I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't always like this.  Until you begin to get comfortable with wet shaving, you may find that the first few times are more of a chore than a ritual.  However, don't get discouraged, keep honing your skill, and before you know it, this task will become something you actually look forward to.  

As with any hobby, new venture or task to be done, there is always a small investment. There is an investment in time and certainly a financial investment as well.  Don't run away or close this screen- keep reading!  I promise you the investments are simple.  In fact, you'll soon learn that this investment will actually save you money in the long run (for example blades are much cheaper!)  But that's a great topic for another blog.  So, let's talk about what you need to get started.

There are generally 6 common components to consider for wet shaving:

1) Pre-Shave Oil

2) Razor (including blades)

3) Shaving cream or Soap

4) Shaving Brush

5) After Shave Balm or Tonic 

6) Shaving Bowl, Mug or Scuttle

Each one can be discussed at length.  I'll be doing future blogs on each topic.  What I will say, is that these are merely guidelines.  Remember, there are no rules.  Do you need a pre-shave oil? Some people will tell you it is not necessary.   However, if you have sensitive skin, are new to wet shaving or have coarse hair, I strongly recommend it.  In my next blog post you'll learn why.  For the record, I use a pre-shave oil- I've been using them for several years.  The same can be said for a brush or mug.  While you can shave without these tools, it does limit your options.  For example, it would be very difficult to use a shaving soap without a brush.

If you're new to this experience, start by looking at my website to learn more about what my store has to offer.  When it comes to selecting the right tools, don't worry, you can always reach out to me- call or message me so I can help you select the right tool for your wet shaving experience- after all not all razors were created equal!  

Welcome to Stone Field Shaving Company.  My name is Jonathan.  How may I assist you today?   

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