The Perfect Summer Shave

Summer is in full swing and things are hotter than ever. 

There's nothing like a summer shave.  Maybe you're still staying at home but relaxing with a cup of coffee (or something stronger).  Perhaps you are at the cabin enjoying a shave with the outdoors as your background.  (see our home page).  Regardless, Summer is a great time to shave!

This is probably my first year where I've been more drawn to unique summer scents or perhaps more fruity and citrus scents compared to previous years.  I don't know why that is but perhaps I'm opening my eyes and my mind to trying new things.  I recently tried Shannon's Soaps- Iced Watermelon- and I am really hooked!  It's a scent that works really well and isn't too over powering.  The question you may ask is whether or not this scent will work in the winter?  I don't think this would be my everyday go to soap in January- but when the winter seems long and dragging on and the temperatures are minus 25 and below- I think I will yearn for a scent that reminds me of summer.  I will definitely keep this one in my rotation. 

Later this month, I'll be bringing back our "Prairie Thunderstorm" shave soap, splash and body soap!.  We released this several years ago and we had a great response.  It was a unique shave soap and one I was really proud of.  Unfortunately, the artisan had to take a break from soap making and so we were stuck.  The body soap and splash will be new additions to this scent.  It's being carefully made in small batches by Linda from Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials.  She also makes our North of Fifty, Eddie's and Cafe al Volo shave soaps.  Her soaps are thirsty- but boy do they deliver a great lather and her splashes are some of the best out there!

I know that label art is something that the wet shaving enthusiast looks for and I admit it's something that is very challenging for me.  I commissioned a local artist, Sandra Proulx to paint a Prairie Thunderstorm scene.  She's also a pilot!  Pilots have to stick together!

Finally, with this incredible summer heat- whether you shave or you don't.  Be careful out there!  Stay hydrated, wear a hat and use plenty of sunscreen.  

May all your shaves be smooth!

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