Season's Change......and so does My Shave

Ah the Byrds.   "To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn.  Now that you have that tune in your head (you're welcome) it has me thinking again about the transitions we make in our shaving routine.  I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again.  Just as the leaves change color and the seasons change, your shaving routine can also undergo a change.  

In previous blogs, I've talked about the scent transitions.  Namely that we often switch to warmer or "darker" scents during the fall and winter and citrus or "brighter" scents in the summer.  This isn't a hard rule but in my conversations with other wet shavers, it seems to be a common trend.  

I also think that it's not only scents that change through the seasons, but also our habits or patterns.  For example, some gentlemen will grow a beard over the summer and shave it off in the winter.....or vice versa.   I have found myself growing a goatee in winter (maybe to keep warm?) so naturally, I  put down the razor and reach for my favorite beard oil or beard cream. 

Another set of products that often gets switched during the seasons are your post shave treatments.  Here I'm talking about aftershave splashes or aftershave balms.  Typically most aftershaves contain alcohol and naturally this gives you that "sting" or "zing" sensation.  It also dries the skin.  Most aftershave balms do the exact opposite.  They do not contain alcohol so naturally they tend to moisturize the skin.  Perfect for the cold dry prairie cold winters.....or sensitive skin.  So generally speaking, people will gravitate towards a balm or lotion in the winter months versus the summer.  Sometimes this line gets blurred.   For example, quite a few aftershave splashes do NOT contain alcohol.  Instead they incorporate a substitute like Witch Hazel.  This takes away that "sting" or "zing" feeling while still giving you that splash viscosity or feeling you so desire. They'll get used year round.   As a personal note- I use both balms and splashes and some of my splashes contain alcohol.  However, I much prefer aftershaves without alcohol- especially for the long run- as I do feel it's better for your skin. 

Of course- everything I have said above is not a hard rule.  In fact, there are no rules.  You have to go with what works best for you.  For what it's worth, I still reach for a nice bright citrus scent in the winter when I miss the warm sunshine and green grass of our summers.  It's nice to escape for a little while- even if you don't leave your shave den.

May all your shaves be smooth. 

Photo Credit: Marc B



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