Seasonal Transitions

In my last Blog, I mentioned some of my favourite scents and products for summer.  These scents aren't just limited to the summer time but can be used all year long.  Trust me, when it's -25 degrees C in January, I'll often reach for a citrus scent to warm me up.  These scents often conjure up memories of warm beaches.

I know as I get older, time seems to fly by much faster.  When I was a kid, summers seemed to last forever.  Considering how short our summers can be, I yearn to be young again.  For reasons I don't quite understand, this particular summer seemed to pass by in a hurry.   

The other day, I was driving along a stretch of the Assiniboine Forest and I caught a glimpse of a few yellow leaves- surely the onset of Fall.  Our Winnipeg Autumns are beautiful and mark a transition from summer.  Speaking of transitions, we made a few changes to our site as well.

We added a currency converter.  Although my heart is set right here in Canada, the truth is, the world focuses on the US dollar and so now we have a converter that does the work for our customers outside of Canada.  

We lowered our Free Shipping threshold.  We decided to lower our 85 dollar free US shipping to 75 dollars.  Shipping costs EVERYONE and this is a fair compromise.   I promise to only use calculated shipping.  We DO NOT make any profit on this.  

We also continue to search for new products that will interest you.  We're talking to companies within Canada as well as outside of Canada.  I'm excited for some of these NEW additions.

Finally,  this month we plan to launch our 5th shave soap and splash set.  These are made in small batches and I'm excited to introduce you to them.  

So, what will be popular this Fall?  I think people will reach for some classic scents.  Notes of Sandalwood and Cedarwood are timeless.  Tobacco notes and warm Vanilla seems to be drawing some great attention.  I recommend Havana Vieja by Highland Springs Soap Co.  This scent has been gaining momentum lately.  

Customers will also be looking towards some holiday shopping.  I don't want to rush summer- so I'll save that for another time.  I'm sure you understand.  

Sadly, we're also seeing the end of an era.  Soapy Bathman will be closing up shop. I've been working with Chris since the beginning when I opened my store.  Chris wears his heart on his sleeve and is one of the nicest artisans you'll ever meet.  I wish him all the best.  

I want to thank you for dropping by our online store.  I still get excited when we get an order and I enjoy putting them together.  I hope you enjoy opening them. 

Kind Regards,


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