New Scents for Spring

When it comes to scents, there really are no rules.  Artisans are constantly inventing and re-inventing popular scents (and maybe some unpopular ones too).  While scents can work year round, from my experience, warm, musky or woody scents seem to last year round and gain the most momentum around Fall and Winter.  Citrus scents normally seem to gain momentum in the Spring and Summer.  From my own shaving experience, when winter seems to drag on, I'll reach for a citrus scent to remind me of my travels and sandy beaches.  In other words, scents can be used year round, but certain scents seem to work better certain times of year.  All of this sniffing got me thinking to this year and specifically what will be popular for Spring and Summer.  From past years- I would guess that perhaps citrus scents would be on the radar.  However, I think there are some new twists this season that will interest men and women alike.  

A couple of artisans are exploring some floral scents.  Now before you run away from this blog, hear me out.....or read this.   Floral scents don't necessarily have to be a floral scent.  In other words, forget about smelling flowers and look deeper behind these notes.  I always like to use Lavender as an example.  Most men have no idea what lavender smells like.  Most assume it's very floral.  However, lavender has an "earthy" quality to it that actually gives it a level of sophistication that allows you to wear it throughout the day and feel amazing.  Not to mention natural lavender essential oil is great for sensitive skin.

So getting back to the artisans.  In the next several weeks you'll see two new scents in our online store.  The first is from Angora Soaps.  They are a newer company but are really getting noticed and I'm proud to be one of the first retailers to carry them.  Their scent "Midnight Lavender" is an amazing blend of Lavender, bergamot, with a deep heart notes of rose, jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood, musk, and amber.  This will be a great scent for men and women.  Another excellent scent that we will be bringing to our online store is MacDuff's "Lilacs in Bloom".  This base is their version 4 and slowly we will be bringing in more of their V4 as they are made.  This scent, like their other scents are not really a stand alone scent.  It's complex.  Notes: Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Lemon, Peony, White Musk, Labdanum. A true lilac scent bolstered with peony and sweetened with a hint of citrus. Absolutely floral but is well balanced and not “perfumey” not overpowering. If you are looking for a different kind of floral scent or just love the smell of lilacs this scent should appeal to you.  While I think this will be a great shave soap for women, I think men will also enjoy this scent and I'm excited to try it.  

In additional to these floral scents, you will see some other new products in our online store.  We're only a week or two away from releasing our latest collaboration.  We also have plans to create some more body soaps and shave soaps that will take you to far away places, or simply remind you of home.  

Spring is here!  Shave On!

Photo Credit: Nellia Kurme


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