I'm Ready for My Close Up!

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Alright- when it comes to wet shaving and social media I must say, we have so many talented and creative people out there.  There are so many videos that can teach you a thing or two about wet shaving.  From lather making, to shaving, to even razor or brush repair- just about any video is out there for you to discover. 

I wanted people to have a one stop shop for tutorial videos and so I created the College of Wet Shaving.  This is a FREE (wait- did he say FREE?) online page within our online store where I've shared some of my favourite videos and articles on wet shaving.  Whether you're a Novice or an Expert- I hope you'll drop by and see what we have out there.  If you think you've got what it takes to be a professor of wet shaving- please contact us here and we can look at adding your video or article to our website.

Today it was my turn to get in front of the camera.  I've done several live Instagram posts and a few pre-recorded videos for Instagram TV.  I enjoy speaking in front of the camera and making a fool of myself.  What have I got to lose?  Live recordings sometimes don't work exactly as planned.  During a live feed I've been interrupted by phones ringing, people knocking on the door, kids fighting and a whole bunch of other mild disasters that make for excellent and entertaining live video.  So today, I spent a couple of hours to put together what amounts to about 3 minutes of footage.   My hats off to those that make these videos.  I have a new respect for you and your work!   

So what did I film?  Great question, I'm glad you asked.  I decided to film my own short little tutorial and I was inspired by those films we used to watch in school. This particular video tutorial is all about Test Shaving

What is Test Shaving?    The idea is to take a razor WITHOUT the blade and WITHOUT lather and do a Test Shave on your face.  It's a chance to get comfortable with the grip, comfortable with the weight and comfortable with the angle.  I think someone new to wet shaving will find some value in this technique.  I find that it's especially helpful when transitioning from a cartridge razor to a DE safety razor.  It can also be helpful when transitioning from a lighter weight DE Razor like the Merkur to a Rockwell Razor which is much heavier.  

I had a lot of fun making this video.  To see me in action, visit my video here.




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