How This All Began- Part 1- Welcome

Whenever I tell people about my company, the first thing they ask is how I came up with this idea.  The idea for the Stone Field Shaving Company began 3 years ago.  I was on vacation with my wife, Stav, in New York City.  For those of you that have been to the Big Apple, you'll understand and appreciate just how much walking one person does.  On one of our ventures, we came across a men's shaving store that specialized in men's wet shaving products.  I was really intrigued.  I had never been inside one before.  I walked out with my first set- a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave balm.  Now I should probably back track and mention that I have always had sensitive skin.  Shaving was not something I particularly enjoyed.  My skin was often irritated following a close shave.  When I returned to Canada, and began using the new products from my recent vacation, I noticed immediate results.  I was getting a close shave but wasn't left with irritated skin.   When it came time to order more oil and shaving cream, I was dumbfounded.  If I wanted to order the same products, I had to order through the United States.  With a weak dollar and shipping and handling costs, there had to be a better way.  As I began to look for similar places in Canada, I realized that there are very few brick and mortar buildings set up for men's wet shaving.  While there are still quite a few "old school" barber shops, few, if any supply a variety of products for retail purchase.  Not all shaving creams are the same.   I was looking for shaving products that had natural ingredients.    I won't go into all of the reasons I decided to pursue an online store, however, I will tell you that I believe an online store will help me reach more people.  With our recent New York vacation behind us, I began to imagine how my company would take shape.  It's been an exciting (and scary) journey so far.  I'll be sharing more information in future posts.  How did I come up with the name?  How did we develop the shaving cream?  I'll be sharing many posts including tips and suggestions for wet-shaving.   Please check back again soon.  Welcome to the Stone Field Shaving Company.  How may I assist you today?

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