Fall in Love with Fall all Over Again

My kids are back to school and Mother Nature has once again flipped the switch.  Isn't it amazing how we have Summer one day and Fall the next?  This past week we saw temperatures hovering around 3 degrees in the morning here in Winnipeg.  Leaves are changing colour and that can only mean one thing.  It's time to welcome back some great Fall Scents.  Fall is a beautiful season and I can tell, just by talking to customers and watching social media posts, that people are once again turning towards Fall or Autumn scents.  What is a Fall scent?  Fall scents often comprise of warmer scents like amber or sandalwood or with notes of tobacco or maybe even bourbon to capture the mood.  While there are no rules about not using scents year round, we often see people put away the bright citrus scents or mentholated scents and lather up the classics like I mentioned above.  I call these Fall scents classics because often the scent notes are classic notes from years gone by.  

There are 3 shave soaps I can think of that are perfect for Fall and often get overlooked by the wet shaving community.  

One of the newest scents is from Bartigan and Stark.  While their shave soap is new, the scent is a classic and perfect for Fall.  Inspired by Tobacco Toscana, Bartigan and Stark set out to create a creamier tobacco scent with supporting notes of wood, dried fruit, and citrus. Campione is made up of several notes that are the epitome of Fall.

Top: bergamot, clementine, dried fruit
Middle: tobacco, frankincense, jasmine, coconut, almond, hay
Base: amber, vanilla, musk, cognac, sandalwood

The second shave soap recommendation comes from Quebec from Entre Bulles et Moi.  This artisanal soap contains Vire-Capot beer from the Lac Saint-Jean Microbrewery and is appropriately named Vire Capot. This really is one of my top favourite scents that we carry.  A luxurious and warm fragrance. A unique blend of spices and sweets with a hint of musk and sandalwood.  This really is a perfect scent for Fall.  

My 3rd choice is also one of my top 5 favourite scents.  Henri et Victoria's "Duc De Santal" is another classic scent that seems to fly under the radar.  Take a whiff of this and you'll be taken to a Fall forest with leaves changing colour, enjoying an outing - maybe a weekend hunt or perhaps a weekend stroll, the choice is yours. 

Described as a warm, comforting, gentle cologne scent.  This shaving soap has a musky, dry woody complex with soothing Sandalwood and spicy nutmeg, oregano, clove, and coriander oil.  A top note accord with intoxicating herbs of basil, fennel and sage oils. And a final touch of lemon citrus, tree moss and exotic patchouli oil.  If you love earthy scents or you're drawn to finer cologne, you won't want to miss trying this scent from Henri et Victoria. 

Henri et Victoria created this scent inspired by nobility, and a sense of good taste.

Seasons change, and so do the scents we choose to shave with.  It's time to Fall in love with Fall again.

Photo credit: Henri et Victoria


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