College of Shaving

Alright, I was thinking about some blog topics but, quite frankly, I got busy with family, work and fulfilling orders- that my blog has been really left behind.  My sincere apologies. It took some gentle nudging from my friend James to maybe revisit my blog and get things going again.

Some time ago, I realized that wet shaving today versus wet shaving 10 or even 20 years ago has changed drastically.   While soaps and razors come and go, perhaps the single greatest development is the use of social media and live streaming to help people begin their wet shaving journey.

Most of us learned about wet shaving from our fathers.  We watched them closely, and when the time was right, with some gentle coaching- we began to shave.

Today, we have great wet shaving forums, Facebook groups, YouTube channels and more dedicated to the art of wet shaving.

With this in mind, I created a section at the bottom of our website called "College of Shaving"

Our College is FREE!  You can come and go as you please.  Everyone gets an A+ (ok- I haven't figured out that part yet).

I've always believed in supporting my customers- even long after they have made a purchase.  Sometimes we need some guidance in order to get the products to work just right.  I found that there are some great videos and articles that can help guide you on your journey.  

Welcome to the College of Shaving.  Your classes start TODAY!


PS-  If you have great instructional videos or suggestions for us- contact us here.



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