Change Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Alright, I'll admit it, I don't like change.  If you believe in statistics like I do, then you'll know that over 77% of people (like me) hate change as well.  However, I have learned that sometimes change can be a good thing.

One reality of owning an online store is that you really have 2 choices.  The first choice is to have an online store and leave it as is and never make changes to it.  The other choice is to have an online store that changes, grows and evolves with your business.  I have chosen the latter.  My store is always a work in progress.  If you're one of the first few people to have ever visited our online store, you might recall how it looked and functioned back then.  It is very different from today.  Many of the changes we made came about because customers like you loved shopping with us- but wanted an even better experience.  I learned early on to not take it too personally and make changes that would hopefully make the overall experience a good one.  

Last month, I began making preparations for our big sales for the Fall, namely our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale or BFCM for short.  This often is one of our biggest sales events and in the online world, and most online retailers rely on this BFCM event to help get through the winter months.  There's a fair amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. This year, for example,  I worked closely with Shopify to analyze my store and make some changes to improve your experience.  

Shopify came back with a 35 page report that basically looked at my online store and how it was performing.  The results were not easy to take.  The fact was that there were several instances of things not working well and in some cases things not working at all!

I began analyzing each issue and in most cases I made some changes to make the website work better.  For example, I decided to use a white background instead of a beige background.  I felt that this might help with loading the page faster as well as make some of the pictures come to life and stand out more.  I think you'll agree it gives a fresh look without taking away our branding.  

I also worked at streamlining some of our pages.  At one time we had 3 different shipping pages and while it made sense at the time, I have decided the best solution is to amalgamate the shipping policies into one.  Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Finally, I disabled and removed apps that were not functioning properly....or functioning at all for you- my customer.  You most likely won't notice they are missing.  However, by removing them, this allows the store to perform smoothly and more quickly.  

It may seem that there are a lot of changes, however, one thing that has NOT changed is my commitment to exceptional customer service.  I promise that won't change.  I am committed to providing you a wonderful shopping experience from start to finish.  

I hope you enjoy this new look.

May all your shaves be smooth.



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