A Year in Review

They say that time flies when you're having fun and I can't believe this year is almost over.  So much has happened this year that I know I'll be missing important things.  This past year will be a very memorable one.  We had lots of great things happen and we also had a lot of not so great things happen.  I think it's always important to take a step back and reflect on everything.  Whether it is family, career, hobbies....doing some personal reflection helps lay the foundation work for the coming year.  Thinking about the good, the bad and the ugly is all part of the experience.  

Let's talk about the not so great stuff.   We have seen some artisans make the difficult decision to close up shop and focus on other things.  Soapy Bathman and Elvado were two great companies here in Canada and they have helped set the bar high for Canadian artisans.  It's always sad to see us lose some Canadian made products.   I'm going to miss having them in our online store- but I do wish them well for this new year and the years to come.  

We also had a customer steal from our online store.  That was a real low point.  While we ultimately did lose inventory not to mention the cost of shipping and packaging, we did learn some valuable lessons.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Now for the good stuff.  We were able to add lots of new products to our online store.  We forged a relationship with Karve and their razors.  We have solidified our commitment to Artisans such as Henri et Victoria and Highland Springs.  We've added new products such as shave soaps from The Handsome Grouse and most recently Proraso- a staple of any wet shaver.  This year we learned more than ever about what products work and what products to move away from.  Sometimes it is because of the actual performance of the product compared to others.  Often it is the price point and availability.  There are so many factors to consider.  Just because it is made in Canada, doesn't necessarily mean we want it in our online store. As always, if you don't see something, or if you have an idea or suggestion- please let me know.  

So what does 2020 bring?  We will be adding more inventory towards the second half of January and we expect to replenish your favourites and add some new ones.  We will be adding some new gift sets that you will fall in love with!  We are also working on re-releasing North of Fifty and Three Six and Charlie.  We know people are asking about them and we want to get them just right.  We do see room for improvements and we want to make sure we can deliver an excellent product that you will enjoy.  We're also working on a new shave soap....I won't say much more- but it is influenced by some history in the family.  Finally- there is a rumour that we may see another scuttle design come from Windhorse Pottery.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Next year (2020) will be exciting!

With the holidays just a week away- I better get back to fulfilling these orders.  Thank you for your orders, thank you for trusting us and thank you for believing in us.  From my family to yours, happy holidays and all the best for 2020.


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