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From time to time I'll invite a customer or artisan to be our guest blogger.  If you'd like to participate, please contact me and we can go from there.  Today you'll meet Amy from Contrail Candles.  Amy recently switched to wet shaving and here you'll learn about her first impressions. 

COVID, I know the most hated term in the world currently. It has flipped the world upside down and has negatively impacted us all. But I want to focus on the positives that came out of this pandemic to help boost morale and show case the importance of self care during these difficult times. 
After covid hit I lost my job, like many other airline employees. I had a lot of time to think of what to do and well I started making candles, it legit took off (really no need to mind the pun). Because of this new business I started to connect with others in a similar situation as me. This is how I met Jonathan from Stone Field Shaving Company, he managed to hang onto his job but just barley and with reduced hours. 
Jonathan started to support my business by making his first purchase from our shop and well I wanted to return the favour but had no idea where to start with traditional wet shaving. His website was easy to navigate around and that’s when I found the beautiful rose gold Parker razor. I was thinking to myself if anything this razor is just stunning, I just HAD to have it. After browsing his website I was able to pick out some shave soap, and a brush. 
The package of my goods arrived, and opening it was just an experience in itself. I was so excited to start using my new razor, but yet worried if I could even use this razor properly and how many times am I going to cut myself? Luckily, included in the package was an excellent information card on the "how to’s" of traditional wet shaving, which was perfect! 
So it was time to shave, I placed the razor blade in the razor and realized wait a minute this is way more eco friendly then any of those drug store razors. It’s just a single blade you have to replace, also the handle of the razor is much more durable. I started to fall in love, yes with a razor. I used my new brush to lather up my Empire shave soap, then I applied. Now was time for the fun part! Without applying any pressure I let the weight of the razor do all the work and just let it glide. I was so impressed with how excellent of a job the razor performed, my legs never been so smooth. I then applied Henri et Victoria after shave balm in La Poire Francaise scent, it was just the perfect scent! 
My first experience with traditional wet shaving was a breeze! Shaving my legs was always such a chore but now it has turned into a relaxing experience. I now love traditional wet shaving for so many reasons, the razor’s are more eco friendly, they are also stunning so you can leave them out on display, the best part is I’m able to support a small business. Being able to watch a fellow aviation worker grow his business is inspirational. 
During these difficult times self care is very important. Changing my regular boring routine of shaving was a game changer for me and it can be for you too! So ladies! Don’t be afraid of traditional wet shaving, I highly recommend it.  
Photo Credit: Not Amy!  - How to Grow a Moustache (website)

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