1000 Orders out the Door

This week we hit another major milestone-  We had our 1000th order!  Back in 2016 when I started my company, I had hoped it would be successful.  Our very first order was shipped to BC back before the online store launched.  At that time, it was through social media and the order was paid via etransfer. I didn't even have credit card payments or PayPal set up.  

The day that we launched our website- February 1st,  2017, I was nervous. It was a typical cold Winnipeg morning.  But the sun was out, the sky was blue- and it was a good day for sales.  That day we made a few sales- though mostly to family and friends.  

However, word quickly spread and before we knew it- we had orders to people we had never met!   That's how I knew word was getting out there.

These days- we get orders from all over Canada and the United States.   It's also really amazing when we get customers who have shopped with us before- come back.  I love repeat customers, it tells me we're doing something right.

Truth is, I don't sell razors, brushes and shave soaps.  I sell an experience.   Every order is put together like it was the first.  (of course we can do it much faster- with much practice)  I used to hate online shopping and the cold experience that came with it.  Sure, it was convenient- but if there were questions or issues, I felt like it was hopeless getting the customer service you would expect at a fine men's store.  We've tried to bridge that gap.  Our customer service is second to none and if you haven't ordered from us- well you don't know what you're missing!

To all of you who have supported us- from the bottom of my heart- thank you!





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