Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap
Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap
Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap
Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap
Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap

Lucky Number 54 Shave Soap

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"Gentlemen- start your engines.”

This is your Grandfather's shave soap!
I chose a Red Cedarwood essential oil that gives this soap a simple, subtle, slightly sweet scent with wood notes.

This shave soap is a vegan base with the same base ingredients as our Three Six and Charlie shave soap.

While everyone has their own methods for making lather, I recommend blooming this soap for about 30 seconds (some warm water on top of the soap while you prep your skin- then pour the water out).  Lather up with your favourite brush!


When I was much younger, maybe 8 or 9 years old, my grandfather used to show us movies on his old 8 mm film projector.

He’d dim the lights in his office (in the basement) and this tiny projector would come to life. The one movie that still sticks in my mind was a film about a car race. It featured a bright red modified 1938 Chevy Coup with a ‘55 Corvette engine with the number 54 painted in white on the side of the body. I watched the car make a few laps around at the Brooklyn Speedway in Winnipeg and then cross the finish line. The movie ended with the driver holding the checkered flag and making a victory lap.

It turns out that my grandfather raced this car and for whatever reason this car and the number 54 have always stuck in my mind.

Lucky Number 54 pays homage to my grandfather and the simpler times of wet shaving.

Ingredients: aqua,glycerin,sodium stearate,sorbitol,sodium olleate,butyrospermum parkii(shea) sodium laurate,sodium myristate,sodiuchloride,sodium citrate,titanium dioxide,kaolin,bentonite,pentasodium penetate,tetrasodium etradonate, cedrus atlantica, bentonite.
Vegan-Cruelty Free 
e NT. WT. 110g
Made in Winnipeg by Crafted Bath exclusively for our store.

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