Happy New Year!

Well here we are.....2023!   I think it's always important to look back, evaluate or reflect on your past year.  When I think back to 2022 it was certainly a year that marked a renaissance for me, not only personally, but for my career and my small business.

Last year (2022) started with me returning to the left seat of the 737.  During the pandemic (2020) I took a significant pay cut and also lost my captain position because of seniority and layoffs.   Almost 2 years later I was back where I needed to be.  

All was good and things were looking up until March 21st.  That was the day my wife called me in a big panic that our house was flooding.  Water from a broken hose (connecting the toilet) flooded the main bathroom and began pouring....more like cascading......sort of a mini Niagara Falls-if you will- everywhere.  The damage was extensive and I won't go into it here.  I was a long distance away in Kelowna and I had to shut down my business from there.  I didn't know if it would be temporary or forever- since I didn't know how extensive the damage was.  We were fortunate in many ways, the damage was extensive, but our family was unharmed and we still had a roof over our heads.  I didn't realize it at the time, but I would begin rebuilding and reshaping my business.....another renaissance if you will.

For starters, my basement had been overtaken by my business, but the flood forced me to downsize the space and make better use of it.  Ultimately, I relocated it to an area that wasn't damaged and began organizing the shelves and making things more manageable.  I also restructured my company....you may have noticed we dropped the LTD from the name.....I won't bore you with that explanation.  Let's just say things will be more manageable for me.

The big piece of news for 2022 was the decision to move to a more Canadian product offering.  This isn't to say I won't carry other products, but it means that the vast majority of products I sell are sourced in Canada.  I think 2023 is going to be an interesting year.  There are still new scents and products to discover and I'm exciting to introduce them to you.  

The Wet Shaving market is a challenging one and I feel like I am starting to dial in my business......the way you dial in a lather or shave.  

Until next time dear reader.  May all your shaves be smooth.  Happy New Year!


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