Vie-Long DE Safety Razor

Vie-Long DE Safety Razor

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Merging modern technology with traditional handcrafted manufacturing techniques, Vie-Long's Double Edge Safety Razor provides expert shaving. Made with a fixed blade, you can be sure to use this razor more than once and have a gentle shave with its closed comb quality. 

The Vie-Long double-edged safety razor is attractive, mature, and a necessity for the fashionista. A definite a eye-catcher for the vintage enthusiast.   

Vie-Long is a family business established in 1940. Since then, it has specialised in manufacturing shaving and make up brushes for sectors as perfumery, hairdressing or aesthetics.

Vie-Long combines modern technology with a careful and traditional handcrafted manufacturing patterns which strengthens its brand and product prestige in both local and international markets.

Made in Valencia, Spain.



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