Via Barberia Herbae Shaving Cream

Via Barberia Herbae Shaving Cream

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Backed by decades of industry expertise, Omega's signature Via Barberia line presents this luxurious shaving cream.

The herbal (lavender, rosemary, thyme) scented and invigorating soap contains vegetal emollients that promote help skin softening commodity nourishes without causing irritation, achieving a soothing later. 

With refreshing ingredients like Hamamelis extract and aloe vera, this soap creates an irresistible and frothy lather.

A pure luxury enjoyed by all shavers, Via Barberi's lush shaving cream, makes every kind of shave a memorable one.

Via barberia is a brand new product line from the Omega Company of Italy.  With over 80 years of experience in shaving brushes, Omega has produced a high quality wet shaving products. 

Via barberia is named after the legendary street in Bologna where there were several old barber shops.  

The products come in 3 original fragrances.   They are fine but not strong, elegant and pleasant, designed to offer new experiences in wet shaving. 

125 ml / 4.23 fl oz. 

Made in Italy



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