Three Six & Charlie Shave Soap

Three Six & Charlie Shave Soap

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Three Six & Charlie shave soap is inspired from another time. What scents or aromas would a commonwealth pilot encounter? I imagined myself in his shoes.

Notes of Bergamot, Irish Tweed, Coffee, and Pipe Tobacco. 

I saw a pilot, who is a gentleman- I pictured classic citrus notes of Bergamot essential oil.  I imagined grass fields and dirt strips where he landed which is represented by the Irish Tweed fragrance.  I pictured him holding his trusty pipe hence the Pipe Tobacco fragrance.  Finally, I imagined a cup of hot coffee to welcome and warm his soul- so we added Arabica essential oil.      


I strongly recommend blooming this shave soap like our Lucky #54 Shave Soap. Simply add warm water to the tub.  Let it sit for 30 sec to 1 minute.  Dump out the water, lather up and enjoy!  Here's a quick video on blooming

 Check out this incredible Three Six and Charlie lather video from LatherFace

Three Six and Charlie has landed!

Our current offering features a ribbed white lid as oppose to a smooth lid.

The Story

Dawn emerges. Silhouettes of trees begin to take form as the sun appears on the horizon and the familiar sites welcome you home.

The farm house, the lone oak tree, the river and then, as if from nowhere, your air field appears in the windshield. The control tower shines its lamp at you. With calm winds, you’re cleared to land.

As your Spitfire touches down, you feel the weight lift off your shoulders.

As you pull the mixture and fuel is cut-off, the familiar noises and vibrations stop and silence fills your cockpit. You hear your breath.  You remove your mask and leather helmet.

As you open the canopy, the morning air greets you. A deep breath and the smell of earth and grass awakens you. The crisp morning air brings you back down to earth. You unbuckle your harness, releasing you from your flying machine.

As you climb out and let your feet touch the ground you reach for your lucky pipe, a gift from your girl back home- it’s aroma is as soothing as the last dance you had with her.

As you make your way to the mess, you grab a hot cup of Joe. You’re yearning for bottled sunshine (beer) but it will have to wait. Fatigue sets in.  Today is another day. 


About the Soap

Manufactured by Crafted Bath in Winnipeg- this shave soap features a vegan formula base.  

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium stearate, sorbitol, sodium olleate, butyrospermum parkii (shea), sodium laurate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, kaolin, bentonite, pentasodium penetate, tetrasodium etradronate, parfum, arabica oil, citrus bergamia fruit oil.  

About the Name- If you made it this far, perhaps it is worth an explanation.  I always try and connect my products with things that I am passionate about such as my love of aviation. In Winnipeg, whenever runway 36 is the active runway, we always depart from the intersection of taxiway C and runway 36.  When we say them phonetically or by radio it comes out as Three Six and Charlie (technically Tree Six).  Anyhow,  I loved how that sounded when spoken and for some reason it made me think of some World War II lingo.  Imagination is a powerful thing.  Enjoy!  -Jonathan   

Nt. Wt. 4 oz (but we were generous so you get more!)

Made in Winnipeg

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