The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap- Limited Edition
The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap- Limited Edition
The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap- Limited Edition
The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap- Limited Edition

The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap- Limited Edition

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A Wayward Aviator has no flight plan or destination in mind. Sometimes those are the most memorable flights. Flying is often about the journey, not just the destination.

Wayward Aviator is our newest shave soap with a twist.

Four COMPLETELY separate scents greet you. Orange Citrus, Dark Cherry, Tobacco Leaf and Sandalwood.

The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap will excite you and take you on journeys that you didn’t think were possible. Fasten your seatbelt!

The Wayward Aviator Shave Soap is different. That’s why each tub comes with a small scoop. I recommend scooping the scents you want into your favourite shave bowl or scuttle. But you’re the Wayward Aviator- you decide!
The possibilities are endless.

Here are just some of the recipes we’ve come up with:

The Orville- A simple blend of one part Dark Cherry and one part Tobacco.
The Spruce Goose- 3 parts Sandalwood with just a hint of Citrus and Tobacco
Ormand Beach- 2 parts Citrus and 1 Part Sandalwood.
The VFR Circuit- Swirling your shave brush around the puck grabbing each scent.

What combinations will you come up with?

(Let us know and we’ll showcase them)

This is an EXTREMELY limited edition and given its complexity- I do not know if I’ll be able to repeat this. In other words- you will WANT to have this shave soap in your den before I sell out.  When it is gone, it is gone!

About this Soap
I remember building my hours towards my commercial licence. Sometimes I flew from point A to point B.  More often I explored forests from the air, taking in the Autumn colours, or exploring lakes and rivers. Sometimes I flew over abandoned aerodromes from the Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
This was my inspiration for this shave soap.
Last winter I began thinking about shave soaps and the wet shaving world. I wondered, hypothetically, if every scent or combination of scents had been done. I thought about what would excite the wet shaving community. This is where The Wayward Aviator soap was born.
The concept was to create a shave soap in 4 equal parts. Each part would be its own individual scent. Each scent could be used on its own or with others in any combination.
I chose 4 scents that will deliver some really special shaves.
Sweet Orange, Dark Cherry, Tobacco Leaf and Sandalwood.  These scents are designed to work together or separate, or in any combination you choose.
While the concept may seem simple, the actual soap making is probably some of the most challenging our soap maker has done. So how do we make these soaps? Just like getting the caramel inside the Caramilk chocolate bar, we’re going to keep that a closely guarded secret.
Made by Purely Skinful Handmade Essentials exclusively for us.
4 oz.
Made in Canada



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