Suavecito Shaving Cream

Suavecito Shaving Cream

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Shave in comfort and ease with Suavecito's Shaving Cream. There are a lot of shaving creams to choose from out there. Many of them are just that, boring, run of the mill creams that may or may not work hard to ensure you have the best shave possible.

Suavecito's shaving cream is like none other. It is formulated to make sure you have a great, and most importantly, healthy shaving experience - while saving you money in the process.

This cream is also pre-whipped for ease of use. You will not need a brush if you don't have one. Simply scoop this rich lathering cream onto your face and work it in. A little of this goes a long way.

The natural peppermint opens your pores to get your razor in ultra close. It washes off painlessly with water and does not dry out your skin. 

8 fl. oz (240 ml)
Made in USA



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