Scheermonnik Shave Soap- Puur
Scheermonnik Shave Soap- Puur
Scheermonnik Shave Soap- Puur

Scheermonnik Shave Soap- Puur

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An unscented soap. All the good ingredients without the fragrance.
For people with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances.

At Scheermonnik, they believe that the most comfortable shaving experience is the classical way of shaving.

Classical means you make your shaving lather with soap and brush, creating the best conditions for your beard to be shaved and your skin to be nourished.

Scheermonnik makes the finest small-batch artisan shaving soaps and shaving brushes while taking responsibility for the environment and our planet.

Every aspect of the production and the materials used will be best for the beard, skin, and planet.

About The Artisan

Henri van Gool began his wet shaving journey some time ago and got involved in honing and sharpening of straight razors.  His enthusiasm for this traditional form of shaving led him to create his own business.

Until a few years ago there was no artisanal soap production company in the Netherlands. All nice shaving soaps available were produced by companies abroad.
At one point, a start-up and hobbyist, Scheermonnik entered the market place.  These were very nice smelling handcrafted soaps, from the city of Delft. The church of Delft is still included in the logo. Scheermonnik translated is ‘shave monk or shaving monk’. Monks are known for handcrafted activities as copying of books in the Middle Ages, decorating churches, beer brewing and farming (besides spirituality).

The original founder of Scheermonnik decided after a few years, to look for someone who wanted to continue the brand. Henri took this opportunity.
For Henri, it is very satisfying to make a nice scented batch of soap every time. His
dream is to offer the customer a full classical shaving experience.  Eventually,  the line will be extended with shaving balm and after shave. 

100% Fair Artisan Dutch Shaving Soap

Produced in small batches in the Netherlands.




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