Pure Badger Collection Brass Travel Shave Brush

Pure Badger Collection Brass Travel Shave Brush

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Grooming should never have to take a back seat when you are on the road. The Pure Badger Collection is designed specifically for travels so that you can make room for your other items. Made with removable parts, you can take the brush apart so that it can be placed easily into different compartments. 

 Designed as a sterling tube, it's a slick tool that will produce a luscious lather. Crafted with synthetic bristles, this brush will add a gentle touch with just a dab. Concocted to be a succulent experience.

As a pilot, I spend a lot of time away from home.  I needed a shave brush that was up for the challenge… how to carry the brush without damaging it.  I found the solution with the travel shave brush…a chrome plated, corrosion-resistant shaving brush that unscrews for easy storage. These travel brushes have high quality synthetic brush heads that don't require the same care as a badger hairbrush.  During your shave, use the brush to whip up a rich lather.  After use, rinse thoroughly and shake to remove excess moisture.  If possible, allow to dry before packing your brush away.  Periodically rinse the brush with a mild vinegar solution.




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