Passionately Natural Soap Co. Shave Soap- Citrose

Passionately Natural Soap Co. Shave Soap- Citrose

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Citrose shaving soap is a citrus and rose scent. It's scented with Rose, Rosewood, Orange and Bergamot essential oils and is made with the finest all natural vegetable oils.

Passionately Natural Soap Co.'s Kokum butter based shaving soap is all natural, like their other products, and scented only with essential oils. Using a shaving brush you can quickly build a dense, cushiony, protective lather that will give you an exceptional quality shave. The lather is very stable and will last for multiple passes.

Ingredients: kokum butter, distilled water, castor oil, palm oil, potassium hydroxide, cocoa butter, stearic acid, essential oils, sodium hydroxide, babassu oil and citric acid.

About Passionately Natural Soap Co.

A Philadelphia based business that makes bath and body products using only the best all natural ingredients. Everything is handmade and they like to keep things simple by using only plant based oils to make their soap base. They use only steam distilled essential oils for scent and natural clays for color.

They very careful about what they put in their products and ultimately on to their skin. This is why Passionately Natural Soap Co. likes to keep it simple, to avoid the side effects from the years of absorbing unknown chemicals with unknown results.


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