OSMA Hemostatic Pencil

OSMA Hemostatic Pencil

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Osma laboratoires is the owner of CE 0459 for the production of hemostatic pencils. This CE mark is tangible proof of the quality and assurance of compliance with European legislation regarding the production of hemostatic products.

Apply the pen directly on the micro abrasions to reduce and then stop bleeding completely. Ideal for all shaving situations.

Osma Laboratoires is one of the leading players in French men's cosmetics since 1957.
The recent explosion of male interest in cosmetics is not a simple fashion, but a return to the past of when the man loved to take care of himself, he loved to go to the barber, he loved shaving, fragrances and perfumes, he loved being part of being a true Gentleman. 

Osma laboratoires is the last remaining alum stone producer in France, but it is also the only one to create and renew products dedicated to male shaving, thanks to an ancestral knowledge of the processing of the raw material and the search for natural ingredients for the composition of its products

Old fashioned shave ... for today's man.



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