Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand
Nebula Razor Stand

Nebula Razor Stand

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The first universal stand for drying your razor and its components after your shave.
A unique razor stand for storing and keeping everything in one place.
What every wet shaver needs! Make your Shave of the Day (SOTD) posts stand out with this clever 3D printed stand. 

The Nebula stand works in any shave den. 
Designed from the ground up using cutting edge design for drying every part of the razor after you've finished shaving.

"We thought about this innovating design after we had a hard time drying our gear after the shave and we thought about what we can do to save time wiping each part and make everything organized in the same place."

The stand utilizes unique drain channels underneath, to quickly drain excess water through the seven holes throughout the stand so it dries faster while preventing water stagnation that can ruin the razor parts and cause water stains or rust.

The material that we use is shatterproof so don't worry if you accidentally drop it to the ground.
and yes, we've tested it many times!

Blade slots for storing your blades so you can be prepared for your next shave.**

It is not just a drying stand -it can store your Rockwell or Karve plates near your razor for showing off.

4 silicon bubble legs beneath the stand base protect countertops and prevent any slipping or sliding movements

NOTE: Razor & parts not included.

Key features:
Cutting edge design
3D printing using a carbon body
2 slots for the base plate and head plate
2 slots for blades
7 draining holes for better water exit
3 draining funnels
Drop proof

Dimensions (approx):
Length : 10 cm (3.93 inches)
Width  6 cm (2.63 inches)
Height 2 cm (0.80 inches)
Weight 50 gr (1.764 oz)
razor slot 14 mm (0.55 inches)
Made in Israel

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