Mr. Gladstone Vieux Port Solid Cologne

Mr. Gladstone Vieux Port Solid Cologne

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A fine fragrance reminiscent of 1961 Saint-Tropez.


Natural, wax-based solid cologne designed to traverse life's thrilling paths with effortless confidence.

A refreshing, tasteful dip into cool, refined confidence.   

The old harbour glistens like new. Awash in white sails and towering masts, fishing boats in the shadow of yachts, it is a feast for seafaring eyes. Sun-kissed crowds clad in a spectrum of breton tops, polo shirts and wide-brimmed hats clamor along the docks, laissez-faire style the lasting remnants of a once sleepy coastal village.
Vieux Port's bright & buoyant scent notes include: bergamot, jasmine, orange, neroli, basil, and white patchouli


To apply, lightly slide a finger over the cologne and dab onto pulse points such as the wrist, or behind the ears and neck.

Solid colognes are perfectly suited for travel.  They meet the liquid and gel restrictions for air travel and even more important, a solid cologne means no mess because of a broken bottle.

Made in Canada

15ml / 0.5 fl. oz.




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