Midnight & Two Shaving Soap "The Cabin"

Midnight & Two Shaving Soap "The Cabin"

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The very first time I heard about Midnight & Two, I was in Ottawa visiting a small shop.  I was very intrigued by their shaving soap called "The Cabin".  Immediately, when I opened the tin, the scent brought back fond memories of a recent vacation near Victoria Beach. The aroma of the Black Spruce and Cedarwood evoked images of tall trees and a rustic cabin.  If you love earthy tones or wood tones in your shaving ritual, you have to try this!  

 This unique blend of 100% pure Essential Oils is fresh and “woodsy”, with hints of sweet and spicy.  Essential Oils included:

  • Black Spruce (steam distilled from needles/twigs)
  • Himalayan Cedarwood (steam distilled from wood)
  • Nutmeg (steam distilled from the seed)

    Handmade in Calgary, Canada by Midnight & Two,  this shaving soap formula combines the finest natural ingredients. Often referred to as a “croap” (cream-soap) due to it’s soft texture, Midnight & Two's shaving offers the best qualities from both products – the ease of lather often associated with creams, and the superior performance of a soap (due to its higher concentration).

    Generous amounts of Kokum Butter (sourced from India) and Illipe Butter (sourced from SE Asia) ensure a thick and luxurious lather while Castor Oil provides volume. Bentonite Clay (sourced from the USA) provides extra “slip” and a silk-like quality to the lather. Hempseed Oil (sourced from Canada), known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, soothes the skin during and after the shave. Avocado Oil and sustainably harvested Palm Oil moisturizes the deep layers of skin reducing the appearance of fine lines.

    With regular shaving use, this product will deliver perfect shaves for up to 6 months.

    Photo and Information Courtesy of Midnight & Two.




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