Kai Razor Gold-S Disposable Razor (pack of 5)
Kai Razor Gold-S Disposable Razor (pack of 5)

Kai Razor Gold-S Disposable Razor (pack of 5)

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If you're like me and travel a lot, than you know how frustrating it is to not be able to bring your DE Razor with you. Airport security will confiscate your pack of blades because they are not enclosed in metal or plastic.  Maybe checking your luggage isn't an option.  Not to mention you don't want to take your favourite razor with you and risk losing it.  

It took me a while to find a solution.  I was looking for a high quality disposable razor, preferably single blade and affordable.  I finally found them with an amazing company in Japan.  The Kai Group specializes in knifewear, surgical instruments and razors.

Each package comes with a pack of 5 razors.  I have used these myself.  I find that I can comfortably get at least 2-3 shaves out of one razor.  This will depend on your technique and how coarse your hair is.  

Each razor comes with the blade wrapped in paper.  These stainless steel blades are sharp! The handles are metal but surprisingly light weight- weighing in at 3 grams!  This will require gentle pressure to achieve a close shave as most razors have some weight to them, which does the work for you.  Each handle has small ridges that help improve grip. These handles are also short style- similar to a Merkur 33 or classic DE razor.  The handle length is a mere 2.5 inches.  This affords greater control and precision over the razor.    

Kai Group was founded in Japan where they have built upon nearly a millennia of traditional blade making.  For over 100 years, Kai has drawn inspiration from ancient blade-making traditions to bring their customers high quality products.

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