Herc Soap Co. Shave Soap- Ranger

Herc Soap Co. Shave Soap- Ranger

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One of the most complex scent profiles on Earth, Ranger is as intriguing as the individuals who hold that very title. Dating back to the early American colonial period, the Rangers were born out of necessity because frontier war fighting was so new to revolutionary fighting forces. Modern Rangers are those who belong to the 75th Ranger Regiment. They are a unique breed of soldiers specializing in raids and assault missions deep inside enemy territory, as well as special reconnaissance.

Bay Leaf, heavy Cedarwood and light Vanilla all accented in their own ways by the presence of Tobacco. Imagine a more earthy and salty sides to all those notes, plus the simple presence of Tobacco. Sweet Tonka Bean intricately compliments the Vanilla.


The Herc Soap company has so many unique scents inspired by the men and women that have served in the armed forces both past and present.   

The C-130 Hercules or "Herc" is not just a name. Dakoda Baker was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base in 2013, realizing his dream job of being an aircraft mechanic on C-130’s. In 2015 he met the love of his life and eventually married her. Shelby Baker grew up in the area of the Air Force base and has watched C-130’s fly overhead her entire life.

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