Gentleman's Nod- "George 01" Shave Soap
Gentleman's Nod- "George 01" Shave Soap
Gentleman's Nod- "George 01" Shave Soap

Gentleman's Nod- "George 01" Shave Soap

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Looking for a new shaving soap that checks all the boxes? Gentleman's Nod knows it can be difficult to find a soap that easily creates a dense, slick lather while leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and refreshed.

This shave soap is known for its exemplary post shave feel. Lather from this soap is dense, cushioning and slick! Hydrolyzed Silk Protein and Bentonite clay combine for great slickness. A potent post-shave cocktail of Allantoin, Goat's Milk, Aloe, and Natural Vitamin E help prevent irritation and promote healing. Their triple-butter formula also combats the natural drying effects common to soap, providing a superior post-shave feel.

[George 01]

Notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and cherry.

George Washington, POTUS #1, definitively a man’s man represents the darker masculine fragrance. Traditional warm and earthy elements of Cedarwood and Patchouli create the base of this deep fragrance.  Taking cue from his tobacco cultivation at Mt. Vernon, Gentleman's Nod added a healthy portion of tobacco and layered it with wood smoke.  Dubbed by contemporaries as "the best horseman of his age," they added a clean leather note.  Since you can't leave out the infamous Cherry tree anecdote, they added a touch of Cherry and Orange to add a hint of sweetness.create the base of this deep fragrance.


Made in the USA

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